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How Millennials and Gen Z are Shaping the Furniture Industry

Millennials and Gen Z have grown up in a digital age, and our approach to furniture shopping is revolutionizing the industry. Here are some key ways in which we're changing the game!

  1. Online shopping is the norm: Unlike previous generations, Millennials and Gen Z are much more likely to shop online for furniture. Or anything really! We appreciate the convenience of being able to browse & shop for items from the comfort of our own homes without having to walk into a large department store. Many of us read or watch reviews before we commit to buying things that are expensive, like furniture, to see if it’s worth our money. We also have a wider selection of items available thanks to the internet so why not shop online?

  2. Sustainability is a factor: Millennials and Gen Z are more environmentally conscious than previous generations, and this is reflected in our approach to shopping. We are more likely to seek out goods that are eco-friendly and HUMAN friendly.

  3. Personal style is a must: We like to express ourselves. Personal style is a key consideration when shopping for furniture. We are more likely to be influenced by pretty pictures on social media or online influencers if they match our style. Creating a living space that reflects who we are feels nice!

  4. Convenience is important: We want free shipping and easy returns! That’s it. 

  5. Experience matters: For Millennials and Gen Z, the shopping experience must be the right vibe. We want seamlessness and are more likely to purchase from companies that share our values & beliefs. 

In conclusion, Millennials and Gen Z are changing the furniture shopping game by valuing online shopping, sustainability, personal style, convenience, and a great shopping experience. 

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